Checkride Milestone — Jessica Barnier

By Jessica Barnier, EAA Lifetime 1111236

My name is Jessica Barnier and I was the president of EAA Chapter 509 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin from 2018-2019. I have always been interested in becoming a private pilot and was very interested in aviation, which led to my presidency. Something seemed to always get in the way of completing my pilot training, mainly time and money. With the pandemic, I could not think of a more perfect time to start learning how to fly.

Starting in March 2020, I worked on flying a couple of times per week to get more and more proficient. With the great help of my instructor, Jerry Smith, EAA 330007, I was able to work through COVID-19 related airport closures, experiencing an emergency landing only a few lessons into my training due to partial engine failure on the Cessna 150 I have been renting, and Wisconsin weather changes. I am happy to announce that as of January 24, I am now a certificated pilot! I am very thankful to this community for its support and care throughout this whole experience.

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